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10 Additional Family Resources-Summer 2020

Summer Camp

Since many in-person camps aren’t in session, why not try a free, virtual camp with your kids?  See the Camp Kinda site.  Sign up and receive hours of thematic activities.

Virtual Visits Want to visit far away places?  Check out this site.  Go to museums, farms, and special landmarks.
  Local Visits Want to visit local places?  Go to this site.  See some of the virtual programming offered around our community. 
Science Experiments Dancing raisins, colored celery, and much much more!  This site has ideas for some home science fun.
Kool-Aid Playdough

Want to make a different kind of playdough?  How about Kool-Aid playdough?  See the site for the recipe and then use your creativity for some sculpting fun.

Finger Paint

If play-doh isn’t your thing, maybe finger paint is?  See this site for how to make taste-safe finger paint.

Create a Marble Run

Use your imagination and STEM skills to create a marble run.  Check out this site for many different ways using many different materials.

Treasure Hunt

Make up some clues for your child so that he/she can find some objects inside or outside your home.  Watch the video or just read some of the tips on the site.  For older children, have them make up clues for you or their siblings.

Family Cooking

Tired of the same old recipes?  Check out the Weelicious site.  You can watch cooking videos and browse the many recipes. 
Kid Lit TV Explore the world of children’s literature with read alouds, drawing activities, and more.  This site is a great bedtime story alternative.