2020 Candor Yearbook Photos

In an effort to help collect photos for the 2020 Candor Yearbook, we're reaching out to parents and community members, asking you to submit photos you've taken of school and athletic events.  These photos can be shared two ways:
  1. Via our yearbook's email, send to yearbook@candorcs.org   - or - 
  2. Online through our Lifetouch/Shutterfly share site @ https://2020candoryearbook.shutterfly.com
The photos sent directly to our email can only be accessed by the Yearbook Advisors (Kaija Fritz and Lindsey Lennon) to review, approve and then upload to the yearbook creation software. 
The photos submitted to the Shutterfly share site can initially be viewed by anyone accessing it.  Once reviewed, approved and transferred the photos are no longer visible on the website to anyone but the Advisors.  This review/approve/transfer process can be completed as often as necessary.
Please be assured that we will honor the wishes of  parents who have signed forms requesting that their child not appear in any published photos.  
Thank you!