Website Tips

Resolve Issues with our Site

Having Trouble Viewing Calendar Events?  Try these adjustments:

Browser Steps
Internet Explorer

1. Tools
2. Internet Options
3. Privacy
4. move the Settings slider to at least Medium (or higher)
5. Click on the Sites button below & "Allow" the following sites:,com
6. Click OK to save settings
7. Click Apply, then OK, restart Internet Explorer


1. Settings (from Top Right 'Customize' button)
2. click Show advanced settings (at the bottom)
3. under Privacy click Content Settings
4. Under Cookies, make sure Block Third Party Cookies is checked
5. Click Manage Exceptions
6. If Bock third-party cookies is checked, click on Manage exceptions
7. Under Hostname Pattern type:  [*.]
8. Under Behavior set to Allow
9. click Done and restart Chrome


1. Tools  (or click Top Right 3 bars icon)
2. Options
3. on the left, click Content 4. Pop-Ups - Exceptions
4. make sure Block Popup Windows checked
5. click on Exceptions (on the right)
6. Add the following exceptions and click Allow:
7. Click Save Changes
8. Restart Firefox

 Please report any issues with these instructions or issues with our site in general by sending
an email to Kate at - thanks!